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Investing in Marijuana Stocks

Investing in Marijuana Stocks

There’s never been a better time for investing in marijuana stocks. With Canada’s recent legalization of marijuana and marijuana legalization growing in the United States, the industry is set to boom. Many provinces are now trying to meet the massive demands of consumers, making growers, suppliers, and retailers in high demand. With the growth of …

Smoking vs. Vaping Cannabis: Why Choose Vaporization Over Smoking

The majority of people are aware that smoking is a far cry from being healthy. Research clearly shows that cannabis smoke can cause damage to airways in the lungs over time. Yet, smoking weed is still among the most popular ways to consume weed. While we cannot deny the beauty of inhaling the smoke from …

Differences Between Shatter, Wax, Resin, and Rosin

People have been using weed since around 2737 B.C., which is a good couple of centuries if you ask us. Marijuana can take different forms and the way we use the herb now isn’t much different than how our ancestors would consume it. Well, save for the fact that our ancestors couldn’t dab marijuana concentrates. …

8 Reasons Why You Should Smoke Weed Everyday

With the growing popularity of weed, the use of marijuana is rising globally, and many people claim they consume pot every single day. If you’re enthusiastic about the herb, you’re probably wondering how daily use of weed may affect your life and well-being. Although marijuana is now more often recognized as a plant with a …

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