CBD Oil: What To Know About Its Legal Status In Canada

The benefits of CBD seem to come to light with every academic and medical study completed. The strange limbo CBD was left in for many years as being a derivative of cannabis made it difficult if not impossible to study. Even those people that are opposed to medical or recreational cannabis do not have issues with CBD. This is due to the fact CBD does not have any psychoactive properties or in other words, CBD does not get you high. Many opponents of legalization in the medical/recreational debates cite getting high as a reason not to legalize. The fact that CBD does not get a consumer high but still has a myriad of benefits is something everyone can support.

The best thing a consumer considering taking CBD oil or other CBD products is to do the appropriate research. Unlike THC-infused edibles utilizing at too high of a dose CBD will not do anything harmful although it could be fiscally irresponsible. Below will delve into everything to know about CBD oil and its legality in Canada.

What Is CBD Oil? How Does It Differ From Other CBD Products?

Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. Without THC being present it does not have any psychoactive impacts on the consumer making it easy to supplement. THC, on the other hand, can impair someone so they cannot go on with their normal daily life. CBD oil can be derived from industrial hemp as this type of hemp only contains trace amounts of THC which are not enough to get a consumer high. This hemp is a special type of cannabis that is bred and is used widely for CBD production throughout Canada as well as in the United States.

CBD oil can be consumed in any way a person wants as some people put it in their lotions while others might put a drop or two in their morning coffee. Other CBD products either have to be vaped, eaten, or smoked in some other way. CBD oil is just the most versatile as it can be put into nearly anything without impacting the taste. CBD oil is also one of the most potent products with CBD crystals topping this list.

What You Should Know About The History Of Cannabis In Canada

For cannabis enthusiasts, Canada could be a location for many tourists as well as those people wanting to live without worry when consuming cannabis. For years Canada has been at the top in terms of the global initiative to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational consumption. From 1932 when the first seizure of cannabis occurred to 2001 there was quite a fight by various groups in favor of cannabis. 2001 marked when Canada got the wheels of medical cannabis rolling by ruling prohibiting cannabis for medical use was unconstitutional. There were a few reductions in penalties for possession of cannabis as well as mandatory prison terms for cultivators. Finally in 2018 cannabis was fully legalized with recreational dispensaries to be opened the following year.

Regulations In Canada On CBD Oil And Where It Can Be Purchased

CBD oil can be purchased in many legal recreational dispensaries and also at medical dispensaries with the recommendation of a doctor.

This is more prohibitive than in the US where CBD can nearly be bought anywhere that carries it. Canada has had growing pains in the legalization process with amendments occurring for cannabis concentrates as well as edibles. CBD is no different as it becomes more mainstream than ever with the general public learning more about its benefits. The supply becomes the issue though much like most cannabis products during the infancy of legalization. Finding an approved seller is not difficult and calling/emailing a store can allow a consumer to see if they have CBD oil in stock.

How Does CBD Oil Work and What Are Its Benefits?

CBD oil works with the endocannabinoid system providing support whether a person might be lacking. CBD works to help the body maintain homeostasis in a variety of areas of the body. The regulatory properties of CBD allow it to help with a variety of ailments and can help regulate appetite, sleep, and anxiety.

The benefits of CBD are not known by many people as there are multiple with the general public knowing about one or two of these. The benefit many people know about is that of pain relief as CBD can be a great alternative to prescription drugs. The opioid epidemic has ravaged both Canada and the US so finding alternatives to these addictive painkillers like that of CBD can save lives. Treating anxiety as well as depression is a great use for CBD as its regulatory properties can help an imbalance. Other options for treating anxiety/depression can lead to issues like that of chemical dependence, issues sexually, and withdraw from an anti-anxiety medication like Xanax can be deadly.

Helping those that are going through cancer treatments with things like nausea and appetite could be the most important benefits of CBD. During treatments the body is out of its homeostatic state due to the sheer amount of drugs being put into the body’s system, CBD fights to help regulate this to help recovery. Other benefits are suggested but are not backed by science as well as those listed above. These include better sleep which can be attributed to helping with conditions related to anxiety. Skin health is another but there have not been conclusive tests done on this although the regulatory/anti-inflammatory properties of the compound could provide relief for different skin issues.

In Summary

CBD is going to continue to be studied with other benefits nearly guaranteed to be found. The quality of life of someone using CBD oil can improve immensely if they suffer from any of the ailments CBD is said to help with. People or even pets that have joint issues can benefit as CBD has a natural anti-inflammatory property which is far easier to process for the liver than an over the counter alternative.

For those that have not introduced CBD oil into their daily, you might find it can change your life for the better.

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