Total Reviews: 110

Don't know what they did but the texture is incredible. perfectly soft and a bit tacky. Taste is still awesome and buzz is very uplifting and make you smile. Worth every dollars
Barnio - avatar Barnio
$100 OG
$100 OG October 11, 2018

Looks good. Packaging was good. Worth the price
Trites405 - avatar Trites405
Free Gram
Free Gram October 11, 2018

What's not to love about a freebie! Even better, a mystery freebie! It would be great to know what the free gram is, other than that, nothing to complain about!
Darling Mo - avatar Darling Mo
Bubbleberry October 11, 2018

Very happy with my purchase. Will buy again. Looking forward to trying other strains.
Darling Mo - avatar Darling Mo
Bubbleberry October 11, 2018

Cant go wrong with this strain
Jamie - avatar Jamie
Mango Haze (AAAA)
Mango Haze (AAAA) October 10, 2018

Good tasting product, also gives a nice euphoric high with a longer lasting sustainable buzz in the back ground. It does make you cough a bit but worth the hit.
bigb75133 - avatar bigb75133
Grease Monkey
Grease Monkey October 10, 2018

This is really a good product, i love this strain because of the taste and its good high from start to finish.
bigb75133 - avatar bigb75133
Blueberry Skunk
Blueberry Skunk October 10, 2018

I would say it does the job done, the taste is ok but rough on the throat, It gives an average high with mid lasting effect.
bigb75133 - avatar bigb75133
J-27 October 10, 2018

Good stuff
jenhux - avatar jenhux
Cannalope October 10, 2018

Fruity smell/taste, stellar high, powerful stuff, a memorable favourite and would definitely recommend. And it was in my mailbox approx 48 hrs after ordering. A most excellent experience all around.
Jack McCallum - avatar Jack McCallum
Free Gram
Free Gram October 10, 2018

Nothing wrong with a free gram!
Jack McCallum - avatar Jack McCallum
Tom Ford
Tom Ford October 9, 2018

Taste - On point!
Buzz - Put me in a very good mood, very relaxed but very functional... dare I say this is a good day time smoke?
Look - Nice dense flowers, could have more trimming done before packaging... I am a bit of a snob about "trimming"
Verdict - A solid 4 stars. If trimmed better... easy 5... I'll buy this again.
18dogbaby - avatar 18dogbaby
Afghani October 9, 2018

Excellent price for this smoke. Get Kush is number 1 in my books. And I have tried them all. GK does not have a bad bud among them
machell.cory - avatar machell.cory
Master Bubba (AAAA)
Master Bubba (AAAA) October 8, 2018

Ce weed est du vrai AAAA, à commencer par le gout qui est excellent. Il génere un high tres puissant et tres durable. Une autre qualitée, il brule lentement. Fera encore partie de ma prochaine commande! J'ai jamais vu un tel choix de qualité pour un prix aussi bas! Longue vie a vous. Denis
denis_bear - avatar denis_bear
Tom Ford
Tom Ford October 8, 2018

Tom Ford is a very good Kush and get you very high and relaxed.Get Kush have lots of collection of buds and I love the free gift and I would always recommend my friends and family to buy from Get Kush.My first order was Q pound and I loved the deal they gave me and I am hoping if I buy more amount I will get better deal then 35% off.
El-Alamein Shah Muhammed - avatar El-Alamein Shah Muhammed
Free Gram
Free Gram October 8, 2018

i have been happy with every order so far, great weed, going for my third order, discounts on weed, never thought id see the day
corey saunders - avatar corey saunders
Lifestyle CBD Isolate
Lifestyle CBD Isolate October 8, 2018

Very clean taste worked excellent on pain and had no fatigue sideffect gave me an energetic feeling
onestone - avatar onestone
Ed & Bills Sour Poppers
Ed & Bills Sour Poppers October 8, 2018

I found when sampling edibles they produce a body effect but no discernable high so to speak. I would rate these about 3-4 stars in terms of potency based on the other edibles I have tried. From a candy perspective they are excellent, quite sour which masks some of the bitter taste of the infused product. Would recommend in the candy dish on the coffee table and a packet in the pocket for those trips outdoors. (with caution of course so no pets or visitors inadvertently indulge)
markreaume - avatar markreaume
Alien OG (AAAA)
Alien OG (AAAA) October 8, 2018

Good product, not the tastiest out there but that's not the reason to buy. Really good effect, last about 3-4 hours. 4 stars... as sampling continues with other strains the rating may change.
markreaume - avatar markreaume
Tom Ford
Tom Ford October 8, 2018

After reading all the other reviews, I almost feel like I smoked a different strain from everyone else. I found it a pleasant strain but more like in the middle of the range for strength. it gave a good buzz but nothing to rave about in my opinion and there are much better strains like Alien OG that I would recommend over this one. I am by no means a heavy toker , so I don't have a high tolerance, therefore I just expected more from this strain given the amount of hype it seems to get. It's a decent strain and I like a lot of variety but there are many others that I would choose before buying this one again.
Artisticlea - avatar Artisticlea
Nuken October 8, 2018

Smells amazing big orange buds dusted in crystal
Fitzz420 - avatar Fitzz420
MK Ultra
MK Ultra October 8, 2018

Beautiful big hard buds smoked great and put me nice mellow mood for the day 🙂
Alex James Fitzgeorge - avatar Alex James Fitzgeorge

Me and boyfriend blizzed outta our minds, perfect lay back do nothing.
Dayna Tye - avatar Dayna Tye
Bubbleberry October 6, 2018

Très bon pour les loisir ou en societé 16-18 % thc ,
ne pas prendre avant d aller au lit
joe383 - avatar joe383
Cannalope October 6, 2018

Vrai gout de fruit ,et belle cocotte compacte et merveilleux pour les maux chronique
joe383 - avatar joe383
Red Congo (AAAA)
Red Congo (AAAA) October 6, 2018

je suis très surpris pour une sativa ,bud collante et compact ,et j adore le gout et l arriere gout
Hummm... acheté sans hésité
joe383 - avatar joe383
Blueberry Skunk
Blueberry Skunk October 5, 2018

Wasn’t AMAZING, had to smoke quite a bit to get a buzz. No blueberries
abby - avatar abby
Green Crack God
Green Crack God October 5, 2018

This strain was excellent! Smooth and tasty and a great price. I’m so glad I discovered very reliable and trustworthy...I just ordered more!
wjustingodwin - avatar wjustingodwin
Ed & Bills Sour Berries
Ed & Bills Sour Berries October 5, 2018

First time trying these and I’m very happy! They taste great and are super relaxing, good any time of day.
wjustingodwin - avatar wjustingodwin

Id say more but im falling aslee....... (snoring)
Skip - avatar Skip
Free Gram
Free Gram October 5, 2018

Free weed is always good weed.
Skip - avatar Skip
Blue Lights
Blue Lights October 5, 2018

Good smell, good look, good taste, good high.
Skip - avatar Skip
CBD Dream
CBD Dream October 5, 2018

Works great not to much of a mind buzz, but my pain subsided to a very dull ach. I also was able to do a couple chores. I did get headaches but im also not eating at the moment so headaches may be my fault.

Overall the product works exactly like its title. Highly reccomend this product for people with severe pain.
nessa - avatar nessa
Tom Ford
Tom Ford October 4, 2018

Tastes and smells amazing ....packs a hell of a punch
Mikepower1234 - avatar Mikepower1234
Purple Urkle
Purple Urkle October 4, 2018

Boyfriend loves it
Jenn Vallier - avatar Jenn Vallier
Blueberry Skunk
Blueberry Skunk October 4, 2018

Good smell although I didn't smell any blueberries lol but great none the less
Jenn Vallier - avatar Jenn Vallier
MK Ultra
MK Ultra October 4, 2018

Knocked me right out
Jenn Vallier - avatar Jenn Vallier
Nuken October 4, 2018

Great buzz and wonderful aroma
Jenn Vallier - avatar Jenn Vallier
Blue Lights
Blue Lights October 4, 2018

I enjoyed the aroma and taste and didn't have a funny after taste
Jenn Vallier - avatar Jenn Vallier

I took them to a hangout with friends and everyone loved this flavour! I've already purchased another two
darci115 - avatar darci115