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Twisted Velvet (AAAA)
Twisted Velvet (AAAA) July 14, 2019

vraiment delicieux
stephane simard - avatar stephane simard
Snow White
Snow White July 12, 2019

I wasn't expecting it to be this strong & i'm not a rookie smoker. I tried it to see if it would help with insomnia & I'm pleased with the result. Not quite as good as the LA Confidential in that regard but this will definitely do until the LA is hopefully back in stock.
Ana Eh - avatar Ana Eh
J-27 July 12, 2019

It could very well just be me as I'm not a fan of Jack Herer but I thought I'd give it a go. Very mild & short lived buzz.
Ana Eh - avatar Ana Eh
Red Congo (AAAA)
Red Congo (AAAA) July 12, 2019

I've bought Red Congo at other places & never liked it so it was a bit surprising how potent it was. Thumbs up from the friends as well.
Ana Eh - avatar Ana Eh
Super Lemon Haze
Super Lemon Haze July 12, 2019

And now that's it's back in stock this will be thrice. This is one of my top 5 faves & GK did not disappoint. This was by far the best batch I've bought anywhere & most of my friends found it to be quite potent as well.
Ana Eh - avatar Ana Eh
Pink Rhino (AAAA)
Pink Rhino (AAAA) July 12, 2019

Nancy saved the day and got everything right , she is the best
sebgbas - avatar sebgbas
Bubbleberry July 12, 2019

Buds are rock hard, not squished or anything just super dense. After a few days in the jar, I was able to bring out a little more smell. Getting the hints of bubble gum and grape. As the buds are so dense, a little tends to bust up into a lot. Just watch you don’t roll it too tight, as it reminds me of little hash balls once it’s been through the grinder. Ash was very clean, which lead to the inhale and exhale being smooth. I was expecting more yummy smell from the posts before mine, but sadly i didn’t find that to be the case. Although when exhaling I did get a nice after taste of grape bubble gum. The high was actually quite good. Which was a nice surprise, as I was expecting something weaker. Lasting about 2 maybe 3 hours. Would love them to bring in bubblegum alone. As this was more a tease than I thought it would be lol. Anyways I’m happy with the purchase. Thank you again Get Kush! Keep up all the hard work! You guys rock.
EffnWicked - avatar EffnWicked
Cake Frosting (AAAA)
Cake Frosting (AAAA) July 12, 2019

Smell, taste, look, high, all on point
Jordan Aleksandre - avatar Jordan Aleksandre
Death Star (AAAA)
Death Star (AAAA) July 10, 2019

very strong, taste, smell, buzz, the high i get from death star, keeps up with, if not better than, the higher THC strains i get on GK,the genetics are a solid lineage
corey saunders - avatar corey saunders
Honey Bananas
Honey Bananas July 10, 2019

It’s some of the best bud I’ve had in a while. Hard hitting high an delicious taste
Chestershigh - avatar Chestershigh

Loved all 4 strains all had nice snap an very stable
Kodeman710 - avatar Kodeman710
Death Bubba
Death Bubba July 9, 2019

good smoke..smoother then most of the ones i picked up on this batch..hate when i have a coughing fit. good for evening. smell has the sweet bubba smell. Will reorder
WelcomeToJamrock23 - avatar WelcomeToJamrock23
Trainwreck July 9, 2019

dark frosty nugs with lots of crystal..made me cough quite a bit at times and other times it was smooth..probably good to take small tokes if in bong..similar nugs to bruce banner3 but not as harsh and sundaa driver but not as smooth..smell on point but not much taste
WelcomeToJamrock23 - avatar WelcomeToJamrock23
Cake Frosting (AAAA)
Cake Frosting (AAAA) July 9, 2019

looks better then the pics..nugs are really nice and not too dry. will get you stoned but more on the sativa side for me? i like my indcas so maybe a pass for me on this one
WelcomeToJamrock23 - avatar WelcomeToJamrock23
White Fire OG
White Fire OG July 9, 2019

small nugs..was a little dry...not really overpowering but will get you high.
WelcomeToJamrock23 - avatar WelcomeToJamrock23
Alien OG (AAAA)
Alien OG (AAAA) July 9, 2019

light green with orange hairs..mild citrus smell..strong sativa high..not my fav but others may like
WelcomeToJamrock23 - avatar WelcomeToJamrock23
Sundae Driver (AAAA)
Sundae Driver (AAAA) July 9, 2019

out of all the strains i enjoyed this the most..well this and the tom ford.
Was a light greenish white colour,not too many orange hairs mostly all greenish/white fluffy frosty buds with lots of crystal, nice lemony smell and high lasted approx 30 mins..only hoped for longer high and maybe a little more potent but overall most fav strain as of now..waiting to come back in stock to reorder!
WelcomeToJamrock23 - avatar WelcomeToJamrock23
Star Killer OG
Star Killer OG July 9, 2019

i enjoyed this the first time i bought..second time wasnt as potent and buds werent as dark green, had more orange hairs..might repurchase again as it was a nice strong smoke but coughed at times
WelcomeToJamrock23 - avatar WelcomeToJamrock23
Mataro Blue (AAAA)
Mataro Blue (AAAA) July 9, 2019

was a smooth smoke..high was good but not much fruity taste
WelcomeToJamrock23 - avatar WelcomeToJamrock23
Bruce Banner #3
Bruce Banner #3 July 9, 2019

a little on the harsh side..but coated with crystals. recommended to use small bowls for bongs as it may be overpowering and will make you cough if too much
WelcomeToJamrock23 - avatar WelcomeToJamrock23
G13 July 9, 2019

a little earthy, dark green..not much smell but gets you ripped
WelcomeToJamrock23 - avatar WelcomeToJamrock23
El Jefe
El Jefe July 9, 2019

coughed a lil but gets you pretty high
WelcomeToJamrock23 - avatar WelcomeToJamrock23
El Jefe
El Jefe July 8, 2019

it is exactly as described, i use wikileaf and leafly also to explore the strains i buy.the taste is amazing earthy kushy taste, only downside i ordered on wednesday, never got the order until monday, cut off time with CP is 3 o'clock, i think, so it sat in the post office for 2 days other than that, quality is good
corey saunders - avatar corey saunders
White Fire OG
White Fire OG July 8, 2019

Very dense, sticky, well trimmed. beautiful smell. Hits very unique.
Roy Purdy - avatar Roy Purdy
Bruce Banner #3
Bruce Banner #3 July 6, 2019

Excellent smoke for daytime, not the greatest appeal but effective
guvnor - avatar guvnor
Twisted Velvet (AAAA)
Twisted Velvet (AAAA) July 6, 2019

Nice smoke for stayin around the house when your not doing much. Strong Flavour, not extremely harsh but definitely has a little tingle in your throat/lungs. Really enjoyed in both the bong and Rolled up.
Kaysmokes - avatar Kaysmokes
Black Diamond
Black Diamond July 6, 2019

A bit of a mixed bag in appeal - good smoke but was expecting a bit better from this one
guvnor - avatar guvnor
Kush Berry
Kush Berry July 6, 2019

Pretty good smoke, not the greatest looks as it was a bit leafy
guvnor - avatar guvnor
G13 July 6, 2019

Not amazing, but a very good value choice
guvnor - avatar guvnor

I found this product to be WELL!!!! worth the money. As its packed full of terpenes which delivers the strong flavours of our favourite part of the plant as well as having a skyrocketingly high amount of thc! absolutely love it ive tried the coma kush and the Romulan so far (both indicas). as I jus mix a tiny bit on top of a bowell of flower(bud) right now it seems to pack a hell of a punch. will be trying them all 🙂
Kaysmokes - avatar Kaysmokes
Blue Lights
Blue Lights July 6, 2019

Had slightly smaller buds and a bit leafy - very good for the price
guvnor - avatar guvnor
Death Bubba
Death Bubba July 6, 2019

Looked great, smoked great. Will definitely be looking for more Bubba strains
guvnor - avatar guvnor

Not the most intense stuff, but very good. Had the appearance of jolly ranchers.
guvnor - avatar guvnor
Tom Ford (AAAA)
Tom Ford (AAAA) July 6, 2019

Definitely worth the price, nice buds and potent smoke - not my favorite personally but I feel like matter of preference on this one
guvnor - avatar guvnor
Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit July 6, 2019

Nothing to complain about, very good overall
guvnor - avatar guvnor
Nuken July 6, 2019

Have grabbed multiple times so far; reliable strain to get.
guvnor - avatar guvnor
Black Roses
Black Roses July 5, 2019

It’s a nice high not too overwhelming
Chestershigh - avatar Chestershigh
Premium Mystery Weed
Premium Mystery Weed July 5, 2019

I got a great deal on a great mystery bud. I was a little surprised you don't find out what it is, but who cares. It will be gone soon enough and then on to the next one.
stevepower69 - avatar stevepower69
Strawberry Cough
Strawberry Cough July 5, 2019

Look up Strawberry cough before you order because is not for everyone.
It makes for a very harsh smoke so not suggested for the inexperianced.
Use a bong or a good vape to get the best effects!

Not the highest THC content around but makes for a very chill smoke session.
Krad - avatar Krad
White Fire OG
White Fire OG July 4, 2019

This is gaaaaaaassssss buy it that is all
Ryan John - avatar Ryan John