How to Tell if Weed Is Fresh

How to Tell if Weed Is Fresh

Whether you’re buying weed or you just keep a lot of cannabis stashed away, it helps to know how to tell if weed is fresh. Not all weed is equal- cannabis buds can degrade if they’re exposed to the elements, and this can affect their taste, smell, and potency. Ideally, you want your bud to be as fresh as possible for the best effects.

If you’re not careful, you might end up with dry, brittle, pale weed which is hard to burn and doesn’t give you the best effects. In the best-case scenario, you’ll have fresh, colorful buds packed with trichomes which give you a powerful high. Here’s a guide on cannabis quality and how to tell if weed is fresh.

Feel It

Checking the texture of your weed can tell you a lot about it. Usually, fresh weed will be just slightly moist and sticky due to the resin and trichome content. If your weed is slightly sticky, then you know you’ve got high-quality bud which will pack a punch when you smoke it.

On the other hand, if your weed has lost its freshness, it’ll likely feel dry and brittle. It’ll crack apart in your hands too easily and may end up dissolving into dust. Although this does make it a little easier to grind it up, you’ll end up with lower quality weed that isn’t as enjoyable to smoke.


The smell and taste of your weed can also tell you how fresh it is. Although strains vary quite significantly in how strong they smell and flavor they give you, fresh weed will be much more pungent and flavorful than stale weed on the whole.

You might be able to tell how fresh your weed is simply by taking in the smell. You can also smoke it to see how fresh it tastes. Alternatively, you can also vape it- this brings out much more of the flavor. As time goes on, the smell and taste will degrade as your weed does, so make sure you store it well to maintain its freshness.

Weed Color


You can also check how colorful your weed is to see how fresh it is. When cannabis buds are first harvested, they’re full of color, with green leaves and bright hairs. Of course, how colorful your weed will be can depend on the strain- some are known for their unique colorful hairs. Regardless, you can tell how fresh weed is by how much of its color it has retained.

Cannabis that’s lost its freshness will look noticeably paler and drier. The color will begin to fade out and your weed may even start to turn brown. You should also check for any white mold- if your weed has picked up moisture and started to grow mold or mildew, it’s best not to smoke it as it can be harmful to your health.


Another big giveaway as to whether weed is fresh or not is the trichome content. Trichomes are the bulbous crystals which grow on the hair of cannabis buds. These are the parts which contain much of the cannabinoid content of weed, which means that more trichomes will result in more potent effects.

As such, your weed will be packed full of trichomes when fresh. Trichomes can vary in their appearance- they may be clear or cloudy depending on the levels of THC and CBD in your cannabis. Either way, you can tell when your weed has started to lose its freshness when you see fewer trichomes.

Test Your Weed

Although the smell and appearance of your weed can tell you a lot about its freshness, it’s best to test it out if you really want to know whether it’s still retained its quality. In some cases, buds might look a little washed out but are still just as potent.

The burn test is a good way to see how fresh your weed is. White ash usually denotes higher quality, and fresh weed often produces both black and white ash. Weed that only produces dark black ashes is usually worse in quality, and this usually denotes it contains more tar.

With that said, black ash doesn’t necessarily mean your weed is bad. Sometimes the best way to see how good your weed is is to smoke it and see how it hits you. Even if your weed isn’t at its maximum freshness, it can still be good enough to give you a potent and enjoyable high.

How to Keep Weed Fresh

How to Keep Weed Fresh

Fresher weed means more flavor, a stronger aroma, and powerful effects. As such, you’ll want to maintain the freshness of your weed for as long as possible. Usually, this simply involves taking a few steps to properly store your weed and preventing it from degrading.

The best way to store your weed is in a sealed container. A simple glass Mason jar is usually enough to do the trick. Make sure you wash out your container and dry it thoroughly to keep out any moisture. Pack as much leftover bud as you can into one container and seal it to keep the freshness. You can also use other kinds of containers such as a wooden cannabis humidor.

It can also help to put a humidity pack in your container. These are small packs designed to give your weed the optimal level of humidity for long-lasting freshness. Additionally, you should store your container in a cool, dry place.

Taking these steps will help out a lot in keeping your weed fresh and potent. Make sure to keep your leftover weed away from heat, light, and moisture as much as possible and you’ll be able to enjoy fresh, potent cannabis every time you smoke.


From the color of the hairs to the pungency of the aroma, there are many ways to tell if weed is fresh. Ideally, you want your weed to be colorful and sticky with plenty of trichomes and a strong scent. However, don’t worry if your weed has degraded a little in quality- it can still give you a great high. If you want to buy fresh weed for delivery, check out

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