Full-Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

full-spectrum CBD oil

Because of the growing popularity of marijuana, people demand more and more wellness products made from cannabis. One of the most popular cannabinoids found in the plant is cannabidiol (CBD), and it’s also extremely popular as a wellness compound. Thus, many people are interested in this cannabinoid, and the abundance of CBD products on the …

How to Know the Difference Between Good and Bad Marijuana

When purchasing marijuana, there is always a chance the worst thing will happen and you’ll end up with worse buds than you could ever imagine. In order to always enjoy your weed sessions, it’s essential to learn how to tell the difference between good and bad marijuana. To help you avoid getting bad stuff, we’ve …

7 Misconceptions About CBD

Cannabidiol, or commonly known as CBD, is one of two the most recognized cannabinoids found in cannabis and it’s now gaining more attention than ever. CBD continues to attract more interest because of its many benefits and potential medical uses. With the growing popularity of CBD, there are also many misconceptions about this cannabinoid, its …

8 Common Myths About Marijuana

Common Myths About Marijuana

Although marijuana is becoming more and more popular these days, it’s shocking how little people still know about this precious plant. Unfortunately, weed has been demonized for decades, making people believe that the herb is harmful. In this section, we’ve prepared a list of the most common myths about marijuana to tell you the truth …

What Are the Benefits Of Vaping Weed?

benefits of vaping

While smoking and edibles are popular options for marijuana consumption, there are many benefits to vaping weed. Vaping involves heating up your cannabis to a point where you can inhale the THC without it burning. You can also vape oils, concentrates, liquids, and even specialized vape cartridges. Since you won’t be breathing in any smoke, …

10 Most Potent Marijuana Edibles

cannabis edibles

Smoking weed or using cannabis concentrates is great, but if you want to get really high, it’s hard to beat edibles. Marijuana edibles can be intense even for experienced cannabis connoisseurs. In general, expect to experience a powerful and long-lasting high of anywhere from 4-12 hours when eating potent marijuana edibles. In general, the high …

Is Buying Weed Online Canada Safe?

buying weed online canada

Buying weed online is becoming increasingly popular for consumers. You can browse through products effortlessly and get the cannabis you want delivered straight to your doorstep. But while it’s a long-standing method of getting weed, many people still wonder- is buying weed online safe? In a word, yes. When you buy weed online through a …

30 Common Marijuana Questions & Answers

marijuana questions

Marijuana is becoming increasingly prevalent and commonly accepted, especially when compared with past decades. According to the United Nations World Drug Report, around 183 million people smoke weed worldwide, and around 92% of countries are involved in marijuana cultivation. With recent changes in marijuana laws, particularly in Canada and the US, more and more people …

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