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What is a Sativa?

Sativa strains of medicinal marijuana are usually uplifting and stimulating. if you’ve ever smoked or ingested cannabis that makes everything funny and puts you in a great mood, it was probably from a Sativa strain. It creates a feeling of comfort, non-drowsy, and usually introspective highs. The effects of smoking or ingesting a Sativa makes them particularly popular among artists and creatives. The most popular medicinal benefits range from treating mental and behavioral problems, to treating depression, stress and ADHD.

What is an Indica?

The major difference between Sativa’s and Indica’s is while a Sativa can make you feel alert, active, and aware, an Indica will have a relaxing feel on he body. The physical effects of an Indica strain commonly include a drows and mellow mood with stress and pain relief. Indica’s are one of the more suggested strains when using it for medicinal purposes as it effectively treats sleeping disorders such as insomnia, fibromyalgia, body aches and pains. Indica’s are also commonly used for treating Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Fibromyalgia and Lupus.

Why Choose Hybrid?

The benefits to smoking or ingesting a Hybrid strain are simply as follows. Hybrid’s offer the best of both worlds combining several qualities of each containing strain. Some Hybrid’s are Indica dominant, which will offer pain relief and / or mellow mood, however may contain up to 50% Sativa so it will not make you too drowsy. Other’s may offer a Sativa dominant strain, which will encompass several calming benefits and pain relief, but also give a mellow, yet energetic high.

Why Choose GetKush?

To begin with, you will get more for less. We’ve selected certain cannabis categories (both dry herbs and concentrates) to offer our customers attractive discounts on both budget-friendly and high-end strains. We always put people over profit, which is why make sure we’re saving your money wherever we can while providing you with top-notch customer service. At the same time, we want to prove that you can still get high-quality cannabis products at affordable prices. When we shop for marijuana, our goal is to select the best flowers for the grade of that particular product. While other companies start their wholesale deals with really large amounts of cannabis, we offer bulk pricing at just 14g so that you can buy in bulk easier than ever. Last but not least, here at GetKush, we believe that your privacy paramount, which is why we make ordering weed online safe, simple and secure. Now, you can have your weed delivered right to your doorstep and your information remains 100% confidential – no third parties have access to it. After all, as a community of marijuana users, advocates, and activists, we know how to cater to our customers.

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