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High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts

Terpenes are volatile, aromatic compounds that are responsible for the characteristic scent of each weed strain. Not only that, terpenes also come with a range of therapeutic properties and they can influence the effect cannabis has on the user. Depending on the terpene content of your strain, the high might be more stimulating or lean toward sedation; it can either razor-sharpen your senses or impact your short-term memory. The technological progress has now allowed us to create full-spectrum extracts that contain the whole package of therapeutic compounds contained in the natural cannabis plant. Now, the problem with terpenes is that they are extremely volatile, and as such, they are extremely hard to obtain. During the standard CO2 extraction, the majority of these terpenes is stripped from the plant, isolated, and reintroduced to an extract. This, in turn, compromises the entourage effect from the whole plant medical users are looking for. Here at Get Kush, we have come up with innovative extraction methods to retain terpenes without having to strip them from the plant during the process. The entire time we’re purging our extracts, we actively capture terpenes throughout the so-called subzero terpene trapping. These terpenes are then reintroduced to the previously created extract and broken down to the point they resemble small balls of caviar.

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Caviar (1 gram)

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Diamonds (1 gram)

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