Strain Review: BC Big Bud

BC Big Bud is a hybrid strain straight out of British Columbia. It’s usually classified as a sativa dominant strain with around a 65:35 ratio of sativa to indica. However, BC Big Bud is a strain that can really give you the best of both worlds, and after the stimulating sativa effects wear off you’ll get a deep sense of relaxation and euphoria.

It’s a relative to the popular Big Bud- one of the best strains to come out of Amsterdam. However, with its unique mix of effects and earthy taste, this is an incredible and distinct strain in its own right. So what are the effects and benefits and how does it taste? Here’s our strain review of BC Big Bud.

BC Big Bud Strain Effects

BC Big Bud has moderate levels of THC, usually ranging at around 12-16%. It’s a hybrid strain that leans around 65% towards sativa, however, users report feeling the indica effects just as strongly. As such, you’ll get a fantastic high with both sativa and indica effects.

When you smoke or vape BC Big Bud, it’ll hit you fast. You’ll instantly be taken into intense euphoria. Your mood will be uplifted, you’ll feel more motivated and energetic, and any stress or tension will quickly be taken away. The head high is particularly enjoyable, making you more creative, giggly, and social. Your senses will be heightened and all kinds of activities will seem more novel and fun.

As the high goes on, the sativa effects will wear down and you’ll be left with a deep, soothing, all-over body high. You’ll be relieved of any physical pain and feel particularly mellow and relaxed. At this point, you’ll most likely want to lay on the couch or even hit the sack. You can also expect to get the munchies, along with dry mouth.

The sativa effects make it particularly useful as a social strain. You’ll enjoy hanging out with other people, laughing, and taking part in any kind of game. However, you can also enjoy this strain all alone, and once the relaxation builds up, you’ll be ready to lay back and sleep. It’s an enjoyable tidal wave of effects that make this strain one of the best hybrids.

BC Big Bud Strain Medical Benefits

BC Big Bud Strain Medical Benefits

With its mix between sativa and indica properties, BC Big Bud is also a well-rounded medical marijuana strain. It can have positive effects for both the body and mind and the enjoyable high makes it all the better for those who need any kind of relief.

Its sativa effects are especially helpful for those who suffer from mood disorders. The uplifting effects will lift you out of any kind of depressive mood and make you more happy and motivated to take on the day. Those who suffer from depression will find this particularly beneficial. It’ll also help clear your mind of stresses and worries, making it useful for counteracting symptoms of anxiety and chronic stress.

Of course, its indica side will also help out. The euphoric body high can help take away pain, inflammation, and physical tension. You’ll feel soothed and tingly all over while under the influence of BC Big Bud. It’ll also help clear up headaches, migraines, nausea, and other forms of discomfort.

While it’s a fairly hard-hitting strain, it won’t be too overwhelming for medical users. A few hits of this can instantly help with pain, stress, anxiety, and more. Although it’ll give you a boost of energy at first, it’ll eventually ease you into a strong relaxation which can also be useful for insomnia and sleep disorders. All in all, this is a good choice for medical users.

BC Big Bud Strain Flavor

The flavor of BC Big Bud can also be enjoyable for many users. It has more of a pungent earthy and skunky aroma, common in strains with think resinous buds. However, when you smoke this, you’ll pick up on some interesting flavors. Users often report tasting tones of citrus and even bubblegum from this rich, flavorful strain.

Vaping can make it even more flavorful. You’ll get a nice mix of both dank and slightly sweet tastes in a smooth and enjoyable vapor. Although some users may prefer something more fruity, this is still a tasty strain for those who enjoy the more earthy marijuana strains.

Where to Buy BC Big Bud

BC Big Bud is a popular strain, especially in Canada, and as such, you’ll often find it in stores and dispensaries. It may be labeled as either a hybrid or a sativa due to its sativa-dominant nature. However, while many citizens still lack local marijuana outlets, it’s just as easy to buy it online. offers high-quality BC Big Bud to members. Every online order is sent out with freshness and discretion in mind, so you’ll get your buds nice and fresh with no hassle whatsoever. It’s available in various quantities so you can grab as much as you need.

BC Big Bud Strain Alternatives

BC Big Bud Strain Alternatives

BC Big Bud is a good choice of strain thanks to its mix of indica and sativa qualities. However, there are plenty of other choices. Whether you’re looking for something that leans more towards sativa or indica or another good hybrid strain, here are a few alternative options.

Black Diamond – Black Diamond is an indica strain known to make users super giggly and happy while also providing intense relaxation and pain relief. Along with its sweet berry taste, this is a delicious strain with fantastic effects.

God’s Green Crack – God’s Green Crack or GGC is a spicy hybrid strain known for the sharp mental boost it gives to users. A little of this will instantly make you feel happy and charged up, although it also provides some soothing body effects.

Red Congo – Red Congo is an energizing sativa strain with a high that’ll give you more focus and clarity. Perfect to use as a wake-and-bake or a daytime strain to induce productivity. It also has a pungent and earthy taste.


If you want a strain that’ll perk you up, make you happy and social, and eventually bring you down into deep, soothing relaxation, BC Big Bud is always a good choice. The mix of effects makes it a useful strain for many occasions. It’s also useful for medical users as it can help with a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

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