THC Patches: Do They Work?

THC Patches

THC Patches are a unique way to use THC involving a transdermal patch which releases THC into the bloodstream over many hours. Unlike other methods of consumption, no effort is required on your part except to place a patch on your skin- usually around the wrist area where there’s plenty of veins. The THC is then absorbed into your skin and into the bloodstream.

While they offer an interesting and convenient way to consume THC, they’re far from the most popular product. In fact, those who aren’t familiar with THC Patches may wonder do they work? However, THC Patches can work just as effectively as other methods, especially if you’re using them for medical purposes. Here’s more on THC Patches and how they work.

What are THC Patches?

THC Patches or transdermal cannabis patches are a form of THC Topical which are applied directly to the skin for absorption. However, they do have a significant difference. While most cannabis topicals breach the skin without reaching the bloodstream, patches will be carried into the bloodstream to give you both mental and physical effects. They need to be applied to a veinous area of the body- usually the wrist.

This means that, unlike cannabis creams and bath products, transdermal patches can get you high. However, the experience is different from smoking or vaping, for instance. Transdermal patches release THC into the bloodstream over a longer time, meaning you’ll get mild effects over the course of many hours. Some patches also contain a low amount of THC so users can get medical benefits without any psychoactive side effects.

Like with many other cannabis products, these transdermal patches come in many forms. You might find pure THC Patches or patches which provide your body with both THC and CBD. They can also have different ratios of THC and CBD or even mix in other cannabinoids.

THC Patches: Do They Work?

Many users doubt the efficacy of THC Patches, especially as they aren’t as commonly used as treatments like THC Oils and edibles. However, transdermal patches can work just as effectively as other methods.

One study found that transdermal application of CBD helped to reduce pain and inflammation.

Another study found that transdermal patches contributed to reducing stress and even preventing symptoms of drug addiction and relapse. While the studies used CBD as opposed to THC, it shows that cannabinoids can be absorbed via transdermal application. Another study found that THC Patches were able to permeate the skin.

These transdermal patches work much in the same way as other medical patches. The cannabinoids escape from the patch and into the skin. THC causes various reactions in the body, for instance, reducing pain and stress.

THC patches effect

Effects of THC Patches

Since THC Patches work on the body and brain, they will generally have the same effects as other THC products. Like with other THC Topicals, they’re particularly useful for pain relief. They can help reduce feelings of pain while also reducing inflammation and helping to heal wounds.

Once they reach the bloodstream, they can also reach the brain. This gives you many of THC’s beneficial effects such as increased mood, reduced stress, and mental stimulation.

These products can also have psychoactive effects, although they’ll usually be less intense than with other methods. THC is released into the bloodstream slowly, meaning you may experience a mild body and head high if they contain enough THC.

Types of THC Patches

THC Patches come in many different types. Products with higher amounts of THC will give you more psychoactive effects, whereas those with lower amounts will be better for medical use. Some patches also contain other cannabinoids.

For instance, you can also find 1:1 THC to CBD patches. These provide an equal dose of both THC and CBD. These are great for medical use as both cannabinoids compliment each other for more potent health benefits. You can also find patches with other cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG.

Alternatively, some users use pure CBD patches. These provide the medical benefits of cannabidiol without the psychoactive effects of THC. These are better for those who don’t enoy the effects of THC or get adverse effects from it.

Should You Use THC Patches?

THC Patches offer an interesting alternative to other methods of consumption and may suit many users.

If you want the effects of THC to come on more slowly, patches can be useful. They provide a slow and mellow high as opposed to the more potent high you’d get from smoking, vaping or using edibles.

They can also be useful for medical purposes, especially for pain relief. You can apply these directly to the skin to get the medical benefits of the substance.

However, while THC Patches are worth trying for some people, they’re not necessarily the best option. Those who want to get high will benefit more from smoking or using edibles. Those who want medical benefits may prefer products like CBD Oils. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives.

Alternatives to THC patches

Alternatives to THC Patches

If THC patches don’t suit you, there are many other options when it comes to THC products. Whether you’re looking for medical or recreational effects, there’s something to suit you.

Topicals are the most obvious alternative. Much like with transdermal patches, these work by applying them to the skin for absorption into the body. However, products like creams and balms won’t reach the bloodstream like patches do. These are useful for pain relief and also help significantly with skin problems.

Cannabis strains will suit those who want to get high while also getting medical effects. These will give you a stronger high and also work well for treating pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and other health issues. There are tons to choose from and smoking or vaping these can be a great experience.

Edibles provide the most intense and long-lasting THC high. They’re best for those looking for an intense recreational buzz. However, you can also buy CBD Edibles for purely medical use.


THC Patches work much in the same way as other THC topicals. Direct application to the skin allows THC to be absorbed into the body to give you a range of useful effects. Unlike other topicals, they also reach the bloodstream. But while THC patches can be helpful for many, they’re often overshadowed by alternative such as oils, edibles, and cannabis strains which work better for most purposes.

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