The Wonderful World Of Hash: How It Can Help You, How To Make It, And Everything In Between

Individuals that are well-versed in the cannabis world have all heard of hash as well as those that do not know much about cannabis. Both types of people most likely do not understand exactly what hash is as well as how it is derived. Hashish is a cannabis derivative that has incredibly high levels of THC which is used throughout the world. Hash is smoked versus other concentrates that can be used topically, orally, or it can be smoked/vaped. Hash is derived when the trichomes are separated from the flower leaving a highly potent THC result. Below will look into everything to know about hash for beginners as well as experts that might want to brush up on their hash knowledge.

Hash: What Is It And Where Did It Originate?

Hash is a high THC concentrate derived from cannabis flowers or trimmings leftover from a cannabis grow. Hashish is a derivative that could hold the title as one of the first substances derived from cannabis. Northern Africa and the Middle East both are top exporters in the world of hash. Technology has made it far easier to produce high-quality hash and hash oil which has led to it growing popularity worldwide. There are 3 different main types of hash which include Bubble Hash, Charas, and Dry Ice Hash which differ in the way they are extracted.

Bubble hash this uses sieve bags as well as ice water can be used to separate the trichomes/cannabis glands from the flower. The powder extracted can be pressed into goo or a ball which is the primary form hash comes in.
Charas come rolled by hand in India as well as Nepal using Indica-based strains. These balls look similar to a discolored chocolate ball or piece of dough.

Dry ice hash separates the trichomes quickly resulting in a powder that can be put into joints or on top of a bowl. This can also easily be put in a vaporizer without the cleanup the other types of hash created in these devices.

Royal Afghani hash is made by using an Indica as well then using tea or water to separate the trichomes. This has will be pressed and be black on the outside while it is green/brown on the inside. A gray color can be prevalent on the outside if this hash is not protected from the elements.

Lebanese hash is made differently with the leaves being left on the plant until they are very close to being dry. This will result in a reddish-brown color when the plant is finally harvested. The plant is then dried by being hung then it is time to make the hash. The dried buds are ground/rubbed against a fine cloth producing a powder. The powder is aged then pressed producing both red and yellow varieties of Lebanese hash.

Benefits/Advantages/Differences In Comparison To Other Cannabis Products

Hash, when compared to other cannabis concentrates, is one of the most affordable products overall. The ease of smoking hash is superior to other concentrates though as it can be put in a bowl or in a joint. Other concentrates require a blowtorch or butane lighter as they need higher temperatures to vaporize. BHO oil and shatter are going to have a cleaner taste than hash if they have been extracted professionally. These do have higher THC levels so more caution is to be used.

Hash compared with edibles cannot be consumed orally (at least enjoyably) but does have a faster onset time. Edibles can take over an hour to kick in leading some first-time users to take more leading to a high that is far too intense. Edibles come in far more forms as they can come in chocolate, gummies, or even coffee/tea.

Hash compared with topicals still needs to be smoked but some topicals do offer nearly immediate relief. THC, as well as CBD, have been shown to have incredibly positive impacts on seizure disorders and other ailments.

Hash Versus Cannabis:

Hash and cannabis have very similar effects on an individual due to both containing THC. Hash is just a more powerful form of cannabis as it is derived from the trichomes or kief of the plant. For those first-time smokers, hash might be too powerful as even those that consume cannabis daily can be overwhelmed with a large inhale of hash smoke. This furthers when hash oil is derived as some of these oils have THC levels up to 90 percent and above. Hash usually averages around 60 percent THC with potent hash increasing to 80 percent while less potent hash ranging around 40 percent. So, how is hash made?

Hash like many other concentrates can be made in various ways resulting in different types of hash. All of the processes involved using ice, water, or silk to extract the trichomes, THC, and kief from cannabis flower —- and there you have it, hash.

Storing Hash: Tips And Best Practices

Storing hash is all about keeping the hash easy to use and as fresh as possible. The flavor profiles of hash seem to break down at higher temperature storage as well as make the hash gooey/hard to use. Keeping hash in a dark container in the refrigerator is recommended as terpenes can be very sensitive. Wax paper is a favorite of many individuals to store concentrates of all types as ever sticky concentrates can be removed relatively easily.

Final Thoughts

Hash has been used since ancient times in specific locations with many of the benefits associated with smoking it as cannabis. With this powerful concentrate, it is important to practice moderation when introducing hash into your routine. Start slow until you understand how hash impacts you as everyone has different tolerances due to how much they smoke. Another factor to keep in mind is that some people are much more sensitive to cannabinoids and THC in general.

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