Top Canada Provinces for Marijuana

Top Canada Provinces for Marijuana

The legal marijuana market in Canada is taking off fast. While Canada has always been a country that’s passionate about pot, legalization has taken the culture and sales to new heights. Now, any adult in Canada aged 19 years or older is able to get their hands on marijuana. In addition to more and more cannabis stores opening up, you can also buy marijuana online. But when it comes to buying and smoking, what are the top Canada provinces for marijuana?

While you can get your hands on cannabis products in any province, some are better than others. Some have more stores, whereas others are cheaper. Some provinces also have the advantage of more marijuana-related events and festivals. Some even have cannabis lounges. Whether you’re a Canadian citizen or a tourist who plans to hit up Canada for some prime legal marijuana, here are the top Canada provinces for marijuana.

1. Alberta

Marijuana in Alberta

When thinking of the best Canada provinces for cannabis, most people would likely think of major provinces like Ontario and Quebec. However, with relaxed laws, tons of pot stores, and great cannabis culture, Alberta arguably beats them all.

In Alberta, you only need to be 18 years old to legally buy cannabis. It’s one of only two provinces to allow this privilege, along with Quebec. However, unlike Quebec, Albertans can also grow their own cannabis. While public use laws are still strict in Calgary, you can still smoke outside of tobacco-restricted zones in the rest of the province. The Alberta government are even considering allowing cannabis lounges to give their huge population of pot smokers a place to consume.

Like in other provinces, those of legal age can possess up to 30 grams of weed and grow up to four plants. There’s also a huge amount of stores available to make buying it easy. Online sales are also available. Yet, despite the high supply, Alberta struggled to keep up with demand in the early stages of legalization. This speaks to its status as one of the top Canada provinces for marijuana.

Pot use is prevalent in Alberta. In fact, 2018 figures from StatCan revealed that Alberta was only behind Nova Scotia and British Columbia when it came to pot consumption. It also plays host to events such as the Calgary Cannabis and Hemp Expo and the 420 Music and Arts Festival. Cannabis lovers will have plenty of fun checking these out.

While Calgary and Edmonton are the main cities for pot, you can also venture out further into nature. Tourists will love getting high in the beautiful views of Banff and Jasper National Park.

2. British Columbia

Marijuana in British Columbia

British Columbia is a fantastic place for tourists and a great place for cannabis enthusiasts. It plays host to many big cities and beautiful tourist towns, not to mention tons of breathtaking nature to check out.

BC has fairly straightforward rules when it comes to marijuana. You can buy and use it providing you’re 19 or over. You can also grow your own marijuana. You can’t smoke near children or in areas where tobacco is prohibited. This still leaves plenty of options, especially when you consider all the prime nature trails and hikes just outside the cities.

Pot use in British Columbia is very common. In fact, statistics from 2018 found BC residents smoked more pot than any other province except Nova Scotia. And while it’s known for being relatively expensive, it’s actually one of the cheaper places for marijuana with prices of $6.99 a gram.

Marijuana stores in BC are run by both the government and private retailers. Stores are scarce now, but many are set to open within the next year. Of course, online sales are also available so you can get your favorite strains anywhere in BC. BC is also great for growing. In fact, it’s the home of many popular strains such as God Bud, Big Bud, and Romulan.

British Columbia has a great pot culture. And while most will head to Vancouver, places like Kelowna and Nanaimo are also great to visit.

3. Quebec

Marijuana in Quebec

Quebec is one of the greatest pot provinces. Laws on growing are much stricter than other provinces. However, the legal age is lower, laws on public smoking are more relaxed, and there are many marijuana stores available.

You only need to be 18 to buy and use pot in Quebec. Most of the restrictions are the same as other provinces. However, Quebec is notably one of the only provinces which doesn’t allow growing. Marijuana smoking is allowed where tobacco is allowed, which means you can still smoke outdoors.

Pot stores continue to open up across Quebec. Most of these are in the two main cities, Montreal and Quebec City. However, some smaller towns also have legal dispensaries and more will open up as time goes on. Those in areas without stores can still buy marijuana online and use it to their heart’s content.

Even before legalization, Quebec has had a strong pot culture. It’s the home of pot activist Marc Emery, known as the Prince of Pot for his activism in pushing for legalization and fewer restrictions. It’s also home to the Montreal Cannabis Expo and Pot Fest Montreal.

What’s more, Quebec is the cheapest province for weed. You can buy a gram for a minimum of $5.25, making it cheap and easy for people to get high. All things considered, Quebec is easily one of the top Canada provinces for marijuana.

4. Nova Scotia

Marijuana in Nova Scotia

If you want somewhere a little more relaxed, Nova Scotia is worth checking out. It’s something of an underrated province when it comes to weed. But with fairly cheap weed and a huge amount of weed users, Nova Scotia is one of the top provinces for cannabis.

The marijuana laws in Nova Scotia are fairly straightforward, closely following federal laws. Anyone 19 years of age or above can buy and use cannabis here. You can also grow up to four plants and smoke anywhere tobacco can be smoked.

Nova Scotia has marijuana stores in Halifax, Dartmouth, Amherst, New Glasgow, Sydney River, Truro, Yarmouth, and Lower Sackville. More are also set to open soon, and residents can also benefit from online sales. With a minimum price of just $6.33 per gram of weed, it’s one of the cheaper provinces for buying cannabis.

It’s also one of the nicest places for tourists. Winter isn’t the best time to visit, but go when the weather heats up and you can check out some of the warmest waters on the East Coast. It’s also a great spot for kayaking, whale watching, surfing, and many other water sports. If you need something good to do when you’re high, you’re well covered here.

There’s also a lot of nature trails, museums, and art exhibits. It’s a lot more quaint and quiet than bustling cities like Montreal and Toronto but still has plenty to do. There’s also a lot of vape lounges. Of course, Halifax is the most lively location, but there are plenty of smaller coastal towns and a lot of nature which make visiting Nova Scotia well worth it. You can also check out the HempFest Cannabis Expo and other cannabis events here.

5. Ontario

Marijuana in Ontario

With Ontario playing host to Canada’s capital city and the largest city in Canada, it stands to reason that Ontario is one of the top pot provinces. Although the province suffers from a lack of stores in many places, it’s still easy to get your hands on weed and the culture for cannabis here is huge.

Even before recreational marijuana became legal in Canada, cities such as Toronto were huge for cannabis. The government has been doing its best to shut down unlicensed dispensaries while opening new government stores. While initially 100 stores were set to open for April, now only 25 will open across the province. This is unfortunate news for residents, but online sales still make it easy to get weed wherever you are.

You need to be 19 to smoke weed in Ontario. You can also grow your own marijuana as long as you don’t exceed four at a time. Public use laws are still fairly restrictive and you should keep smoking to private areas.

The province is also the home of many big marijuana businesses. Visitors can often find cannabis tours and even cannabis lounges in some places, although these may soon be stamped out.

Of course, Toronto is the main hotspot for marijuana users. It hosts cannabis events such as the Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo and The Karma Cup Cannabis Festival. Between beaches, bars, and clubs, there’s also plenty to do in the big city. Ottawa is a few hours away, although its pot culture pales in comparison to Toronto and it has stricter restrictions.

At $7.95 per gram of cannabis, it’s also more expensive than many of the provinces on this list. Regardless, if you want a province of lively towns and cities to enjoy weed in, Ontario is the place for you.

6. Prince Edward Island

Marijuana in Prince Edward Island

When you think of top pot provinces, Prince Edward Island might not be the first to come to mind. However, between beautiful nature, sandy beaches, and cheap marijuana, it’s one of the greatest places to get high.

Prince Edward Island allows anyone aged 19 or over to buy and use marijuana. It currently has stores in Charlottetown, Montague, Summerside, and West Prince, although more will likely open throughout the year. Online sales are also available so you can get pot delivery anywhere on the island.

Generally, smoking is restricted to private areas. However, there will be some designated public places to smoke marijuana. If you camp in a natural park or campground, a tent is considered a private residence, meaning you can get high before enjoying nature. The province may allow for cannabis lounges and cafes in the future.

Recreational legalization has sparked a boom for cannabis businesses in Prince Edward Island. There are many stores offering equipment, CBD, and other cannabis-related products. There are also cannabis events such as the Cavendish Beach Music Festival. The cannabis culture will likely grow further in future with bars, restaurants, and events designated for pot smokers.

It may not be quite as lively as bigger provinces, but P.E.I. is a fantastic marijuana hotspot. Whether you’re looking for fun things to do or want to hang out in nature, it’s an underrated place to visit. Weed can also be found at $5.65 per gram, making it the cheapest province for marijuana after Quebec.

7. Newfoundland and Labrador

Marijuana in Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador is another highly underrated province for weed. Unlike some provinces, which make it difficult to buy weed, marijuana stores were available in NFL from day one of legalization. What’s more, the province has 25 marijuana stores, more than any other Atlantic province.

Anyone aged 19 or over can buy and use cannabis in Newfoundland and Labrador. The laws also allow residents to grow up to four plants. However, smoking must be kept to private properties and residences.

Newfoundland and Labrador is also one of the cheapest provinces for weed. You can buy a gram of flower for around $5.87 to $6.89 per gram. Cannabis is sold both by government stores and privately-run retail stores. Some of these will be run by Tweed. With low prices and plenty of cannabis stores, it’s a fantastic place for cannabis enthusiasts.

Newfoundland also benefits from coastal locations, natural parks, historical sites, and plenty of other fun places to check out. This is a province well worth visiting for its marijuana.


With many top Canada provinces for marijuana, it could soon overtake the United States as a pot tourist location. There are tons of brilliant cities across Canada for cannabis. And whether you enjoy clubbing or nature, there are more than enough options. Cannabis is widely available and relatively cheap across the country. Plus, those who aren’t close to good marijuana stores can always buy marijuana online for delivery in Canada. All in all, Canada is one of the best places in the world for weed.

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