Your Thoughts Are Valuable To Us!

To all our valued customers who participated in our survey, we want to thank you for taking time to provide feedback with regards to your experience in shopping at Get Kush. Your thoughts are important to us in order for us to help improve our customer service.

Based on the recent feedback, Get Kush will bring BIG changes to help serve you better. Here our upcoming plans:

  • Promos
    • Almost all ounces will be lowered by $10 – UPDATED NOV 17 – this is LIVE
    • There is barely any top shelf ounces over $240 now – UPDATED NOV 17 – this is LIVE
    • 2 ounces for $300 AAA Specials – UPDATED NOV 22 – this is LIVE
  • Mix and Match Pricing Tier Change (Within 14 days)
    • Buy 1 ounce of strain and get a free gift plus a 5% off on your next purchase – UPDATED NOV 17 – this is LIVE
    • *UPDATED* We will be changing the 6 ounces discount from 40% to 37.5% – we decided to do this so we can lower the ounce prices as a whole and provide better 1-2 ounces discounts. (with us lowering the prices $10 this wont affect the 6 ounces it actually makes it cheaper ) – UPDATED NOV 17 – this is LIVE
  • Bulk Section (Within 60 days)
    • We plan to introduce a bulk section which will provide half lb and lbs for bulk buyers that will not be connected to the Mix and Match tier Pricing. The half lbs and full lbs AAA+ will start from 900 to 1800. 
  • No signature required option for delivery (Within 14 days) – Nov 17 – This is live
  • New Pricing Model

  • General Menu Update (Within 30 days)
    • Product Research and Innovation
      • implement rigorous lab testing for all shatter related products – All current shatter has been tested by Canvas Labs – this lab sheet will be implemented soon as we are currently not setting up a lab sheet section – can provide proof upon email if needed.
    • We will be bringing in more variety of cannabis products in our menu:
      • add 10 – 20 strains of hash
      • more CBD brands
    • New Mix and Match Promo for Vapes, Edibles, and Budder
  • More FREE Gifts! (Within 45 days) – UPDATED NOV 26 – this is NOW LIVE
    • Love our FREE gifts? We’re going to add new products for the FREE Gift section including CBD products, edibles, quality prerolls and different types of smoke shop.
  • Brand Refresh: Website Redesign (within 90 days)
    • We are working towards a new website design for better navigation and functionality to make shopping easier.

If you have further inquiries or concerns, please feel free to email us asap the next few days at [email protected]


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